“We are such stuff as dream are made on”. In relation to MU Barnhall this Shakespearian quotation is most apt. From a club with one team, no facilities and relying on the generosity of Irish Meat Packers in 1969 to a club with an excellent clubhouse and grounds and the largest number of playing members in Irish Rugby it is indeed such stuff as dreams are made on. This success is due to numerous people including players, coaches, referees and committee members who have given freely of their time to bring this about. Amongst those were thirty one members who served as club President and it is a privilege to follow as the thirty second President of the club.

Recent successes at youth, under 20 and senior levels allows the club to look forward to the 2022-23 season with confidence and anticipation of continued success. Emboldened by the quality of the coaching staff and players I too look forward to the season and I wish all teams, minis, girls, youths, adult male and female senior squads and the Buffaloes a productive and enjoyable year. To an exceptional club member and current captain,Gareth Murray, who has given tremendous service as a player for close on thirty years, the members and in particular his team mates are at the ready to raise a glass in celebration of his two hundred All Ireland League appearance which he will achieve in the early part of the season.

To all members I exhort you to attend as many matches both home and away as possible. Your support could be the spark that raises the teams tempo in their drive to victory. Finally, I welcome all who come through the gates at Parsonstown and a special welcome to all visiting teams several of whom the club has played against on many occasions over the years and have developed an excellent relationship with.

MU Barnhall is a community club, one that has been achieved through openness with a mini section, a special needs team and teams at every age group from its catchment area. A community club has a special ambiance, welcoming and friendly and everyone who comes to the club will enjoy their visit and find Karen, Brian and the bar staff with their hand on    the pumps and a glass in the hand ready to serve.

Neart in Ár nGeag.

Martin Fahy

President MU Barnhall RFC