Code of conduct

The following document was produced by IRFU and the Leinster Branch. It has been passed and accepted byMU Barnhall. It outlines the clubs responsibility with regards to behaviour towards match officials.

Clubs are responsible for the behaviour of their members, players, coaches and supporters towards Match Officials, and are expected to take steps to protect Officials from any form of abuse. Abuse of Match Officials is defined as;

‘Individual perception of personal degradation be it mental or physical, before, during and after the game including (but not limited to)

  • Verbal or physical assault
  • Intimidatory conduct
  • Racial or sexual harassment’

The IRB Code of Conduct Regulation states that a person

‘- shall not abuse, threaten or intimidate a referee, touch judge, or other Match Official, whether on or off the field of play (20.1.10) and

  • Shall not use crude or abusive language or gesture towards referees, touch judges or other Match Officials or spectators (20.1.11)’

Failure to comply can result in the player (if during the match) or the Club (if members, coaches, players off the field or supporters) being bought before the Branch Disciplinary Committee. Sanctions include suspensions, loss of league points, fines or loss of International Tickets. All the above sanctions HAVE been handed out to different players and Clubs in the past.

All MU Barnhall members and visitors are expected to adhere to the code.

Yours in rugby

Seán Kirby

Hon. Secretary