Welcome to the Mini Section of  MU Barnhall RFC

Training Times

Training time is on Saturday morning from 10.00am to 11.30am. Any change in this will be notified by the team coach.

Match Times

Home matches  are generally at 11.00am on Sunday.  Away matches are generally at 11.00am at the away venue. All players are notified by their coach of the arrangement for matches .

Mini Voicemail. – Put this in your mobile phone NOW.


Messages are put on this voicemail every Friday night clarifying training time or any change that there may be in training time.  On Saturday night messages about Sunday matches  are available.  Later in the season, when the weather disimproves, please check the voicemail on Saturday morning before you leave home.


Each team is registered by their coach with teamer.  This makes it easier to relay information specific to each individual team.  Teamer uses a combination of text messaging and email and you will have to register on teamer yourself to receive the team messages.

 And finally……. an appeal

All activities in the Mini section are provided by volunteers, this includes coaches and committee.  We are always looking help running all the activities and therefore share the burden.  There are no special requirements just an interest is helping make the rugby experience more enjoyable for the children.

New Coaches are always wanted and we don’t mind whether its Mum or Dad –we’ll provide the training.

Team Managers – take the weight of team administration away from the coaches.  If you can help in this role come and talk to us.

Fundraisers  – we are always looking for new and innovative ways of fundraising. If you have any ideas or maybe you have access to sponsorship, please come and talk with us

NUIM Barnahll is noted countrywide for its hospitality both to its own members and visitors. Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Soup are available every Saturday morning and Sunday morning when there are home matches.  Any help in this area will also be appreciated.


The Ethos of Mini Rugby

The ethos of mini rugby is to foster and develop young players (boys & girls) of all ability in the game of rugby in a safe, non competitive, enjoyable environment through activities which ensure progressive skill development for all participants in line with the IRFU Long Term Player Development (LTPD) pathway, Child Welfare Policy and Traditions of Rugby Union


The Rules & Laws of Mini Rugby

Here is a synopsis of the rules and laws, the full list is available on (Rules and Laws)

Team Ireland Mini Rugby

The IRFU Mini Rugby Committee would like to make all participants aware of the following regulations.

 Child Welfare

All volunteers involved with mini rugby (in any capacity) must read the IRFU Child Welfare Policy Document and sign the Declaration of Intent. The signed copy of the Declaration must be handed to the Club Child Welfare Officer for record keeping in the club or school. Clubs are responsible to ensure that all their volunteers involved in age grade rugby adhere to all aspects of the IRFU policy on Child Welfare.

 Code of Conduct

All participants in Mini Rugby are to adhere to all aspects of the IRFU Code of Conduct for Players / Coaches /Parents and Spectators


From the start of the 2009 season all competitions and all fixtures events, including matches involving teams from other Unions, must adhere to the IRFU Mini Rugby regulations.

 Festivals/ Events and Blitz Days – Branch approved

May only be arranged by application to the respective Branch Mini Rugby Committee. Age limit and stages must be confirmed prior to the start of event and clear indications should accompany all invitations. Club coaches/ managers must be able to give proof of eligibility (Festival/ Event or Blitz day registration form) before his/her team’s first match in the event.

Before the start of the event a referees/ coaches briefing must take place to clarify all arrangements e.g. stages, format of play and safety. Should there be any concerns over safety (e.g. ability to scrum) matches will then be played at the next lower stage.

Eligibility – Mini Rugby is a participation sport.

Date of eligibility for participants is the 1st January

Players playing in a higher age category

Written permission must be obtained from the Players Parents/Guardians prior to players playing in a higher age category


It is the responsibility of clubs to ensure all their players are properly registered with the Club, Branch and IRFU.  To this end all players must officially be registered at the start of each season in MU Barnhall, this includes life members.

 Maximum playing time

Consideration must be given to clubs/teams with small numbers and or no reserves to prevent/avoid exhaustion and or the risk of injuries.

Codes of Conduct

 Code of Conduct for Players

  1. Play for enjoyment and become part of the rugby family.
  2. Respect the ‘Game of Rugby’ and play within the Laws of the Game.
  3. Accept the referee’s decision and let your captain or coach ask any relevant questions.
  4. Play with control. Do not lose your temper.
  5. Always do your best and be committed to the game, your team and your club.
  6. Be a ‘good sport’. Applaud all good play whether by your team or the opposition.
  7. Respect your opponent. Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Do not ‘bully’ or take advantage of any player.
  8. Rugby is a team sport and make sure you co-operate with your coach; team mates and members of your club.
  9. Remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and feel good.
  10. At the end of the match thank your opponents and the referee for the match.
  11. Always remember that you owe a duty of care to your opponents. Tackle hard but fairly, do not intend to hurt your opponent.
  12. Winning and losing is part of sport: Win with humility – lose with dignity.
  13. As part of the team it is important that you attend training regularly and listen to your coach and help your team.
  14. As a team sport it is important to understand that all members are important to the team!
  15. Remember you are representing your team, club, family and the Game of Rugby.

Code of Conduct for Coaches

  1. Remember that as a coach of an ‘age-grade team’ you are acting ‘in loco parentis’ and that you have a duty of care to all your players.
  2. Lead by example – young people need a coach they can respect as a Role Model.
  3. Be generous with your praise and never ridicule, shout at players for making mistakes or losing a match.
  4. Teach your players that the Laws of the Game are mutual agreements which no one should evade or break.
  5. Ensure that you are appropriately qualified by gaining the relevant coaching accreditation for your particular level.
  6. Be reasonable in your demands on the players’ time, energy and enthusiasm.
  7. Encourage respect for all participants – team mates and opponents, as well as match officials.
  8. Create a safe and enjoyable environment in which to train and play.
  9. Always follow professional medical advice in determining when an injured player is ready to play again.
  10. Develop policies for your club / team to agree procedures regarding discipline, injury prevention & treatment, team selection etc.
  11. Be responsible and ensure you uphold the ethos of the game and the IRFU.
  12. Support the IRFU Child Welfare Policy and all policies regarding Children in Sport.

Code of Conduct for Parents

  1. Remember, young people play rugby for their enjoyment, not only yours.
  2. Encourage your child always to play by the Laws of the Game.
  3. Teach young children that honest endeavour is as important as winning, so that the result of each game is accepted without disappointment.
  4. Help young people to work towards skill improvement and good sportsmanship.
  5. Set a good example by applauding good play on both sides.
  6. Never ridicule, humiliate or shout at young players for making a mistake or losing a match.
  7. Do not place emphasis on winning at all costs.
  8. Do not force an unwilling child to participate in the playing of rugby. If the child is to play, he/she will do so in good time through your encouragement.
  9. Support all efforts to remove verbal & physical abuse from rugby.
  10. As a spectator do not use profane language or harass referees, coaches or players.
  11. Do not publicly question the referee’s judgement and never their honesty.
  12. Recognise the value and importance of volunteer referees and coaches.
  13. Identify and acknowledge the good qualities of the Game of Rugby and uphold these values.
  14. Remember you and your child’s contribution to the Game of Rugby is very important to the IRFU and be proud of your contribution.
  15. Understand the value of team sport and its importance.

Code of Conduct for Spectators

  1. Remember that although young people play organised rugby they are not ‘miniature internationals’.
  2. Be on your best behaviour and lead by example. Do not use profane language or harass referees, players or coaches.
  3. Applaud good play by the visiting team as well as your own.
  4. Show respect for your team’s opponents. Without them there would not be a match.
  5. Condemn the use of violence in all forms at every opportunity.
  6. Verbal abuse of players or referees cannot be accepted in any shape of form.
  7. Players or referees are not fair targets for ignorant behaviour.
  8. Encourage young players to play by the Laws of the Game.
  9. Spectators can contribute to the enjoyment of the event and all involved.
  10. Be proud of your club and the Game of Rugby.